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Simple and easy solutions to your everyday life.

We would like to sell as little as possible.

You read it correctly, as little as possible! We strive for a world with reduced consumption, taking into account animals, people and the environment.

Do you like animals? We do as well! That is why this is a vegan webshop and all our products are vegan. We also support a minimalist and zerowaste lifestyle. That means that you live with what you need, and if possible, produce as little waste as possible. Have fun discovering a sustainable lifestyle on Ecoveganic!

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vegan webshop


A vegan webshop is always cruelty-free. No animals were used to produce any of the items found in our store. We love them too much.

zerowaste webshop


As hard as it might sound, it is possible! We have products to help you achieve a zerowaste lifestyle. Less waste, more future for all of us.

Plastic-free webshop


Not all but a lot of our products are plastic-free or one time purchase of plastic to reuse for life. Together we can fight and save our planet.

minimal webshop


Don’t buy things that you won’t use and try to find the multi purposes of one product. We believe you can be happy with less.