A zero waste kitchen

The kitchen undoubtedly produces the most waste. Ecoveganic has solutions for a zero waste kitchen so that you can easily switch to environmentally friendly and vegan alternatives.

Interested in how to achieve a vegan zerowaste kitchen? Read tips and tricks on our blog!

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot, and only in that order!

Nowhere in our lives is this process more difficult than in the kitchen. From the excessive packaging on food to the wastefulness of food storage methods, the kitchen ends up being one of the most wasteful zones of the home.

Prevent plastic from entering your zero waste kitchen by greening your grocery shopping routine. Bringing reusable canvas bags to the market is a great start, but take it a step further and bring reusable produce bags.

These bags are super versatile and can be used for fruits and veggies, but also bulk items like grains, nuts, legumes, flour and chocolate.

To reduce waste you could also stop buying bottled water, and instead take a reusable mug or thermos on the go. Refuse single-use plastic like straws, plastic utensils and stir sticks. Start small and keep going. It’s a journey!