Zerowaste vegan shop

It’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.

– Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Zerowaste vegan shop

We want to inspire people to live more sustainably as well as inform them about sustainability. Next to being a vegan shop, we also sell a lot of sustainable products in our plastic free shop. Our products are concrete solutions to get started. Our main rules are the four “R”.

Refuse the packaging and avoid waste. We offer storage and on the go products so you won’t have to use disposable products anymore.

Reduce the waste that you can not avoid. Some products need protection, we try to use as less plastic as possible. And of course we send you your package in a box with paper tape.

Reuse as much as possible. We try to package our products in packages you can repurpose like glass jars. Also known as upcycling!

Recycle what to throw away. Separate waste is a small action which can help our planet a lot. This one comes at the fourth place, we hope to not have waste at all. And last but not least,

Rot. Compost the rest of your waste to be more sustainable.

We focus on products that meet as many of these criteria:
  1. Reuse of sending boxes/packages
  2. Plastic free tape
  3. If not necessary, we don’t use packaging at all
  4. Invoices send digitally
  5. We work with social companies
  6. Made from natural, renewable materials
  7. Organic products without chemicals
  8. Vegan and cruelty-free products
  9. As much plastic free as we can
  10. Products you can use for a lifetime

We want to inspire people to live more sustainably. Our products are concrete solutions to live a zerowaste, minimalistic, vegan, plastic free life.

zerowaste vegan webshop

Zerowaste: to reduce your footprint

Each of us produces 617kg of waste per year. We separate & recycle, but most of our waste ends up in a landfill. Waste reaches the sea from there. The microplastic is eaten by fish and ends up on our plate again. We can do something about that! Say no to unnecessary disposable packaging & buy quantities that you really consume. You’ll find a lot of zerowaste products in our plastic free shop to help as well. This way, we all reduce plastic waste & leftovers and keep our planet clean.

vegan webshop

Vegan: respect animals

Do you like animals? We do as well! That is why we are a 100% zerowaste vegan shop with cruelty-free products. Preventing the exploitation of animals is not the only reason to become vegan, but for many it remains the most important factor in their decision. Having emotional ties with animals can be part of that reason, while many believe that all living things are entitled to a cruelty-free life and freedom. Apart from that, avoiding animal products is one of the most obvious ways to combat animal abuse and exploitation everywhere. 

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Minimal: products that you can use for life

Honestly, what would you remember when you’re 90 years old? The stuff you owned or the relationship and experiences you had? Exactly! Choose your needs, products and buy well so it can last you a lifetime. As a zerowaste vegan webshop, we also promote a minimalistic lifestyle. Buying well means more to you and is less wasteful for our planet. Stuff should be nice and practical. Our happiness is found in having the necessary and loving what you got!

If you have any questions regarding our products in our vegan shop, please let us know. We are here for you!