Vegan Makeup Brushes


  • Handles made of sustainable bamboo
  • Soft high quality synthetic hair
  • Easy to clean, repel bacteria and dirt
  • Work with both cream and powder makeup products
  • x8 brushes

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  •  All our products are 100% Vegan
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About the product



Ecoveganic is a company from the Netherlands. We want to inspire people to live more sustainably. Our products are concrete solutions to live a zerowaste, minimalistic, vegan, plastic free life.


1x blending brush
2x eye shadow brushes
2x powder brush
1x foundation brush
1x lip brush
1x concealer brush


Bamboo, aluminium, synthetic hair


Canvas pouch


Vegan Makeup Brushes

These Vegan Makeup Brushes are made from high quality synthetic hair and eco-friendly bamboo. Did you know that some makeup brushes are made with real animal hair? It’s true, and the animals didn’t give up their hair willingly, they were either farmed and killed in a slaughterhouse or trapped. The good news is that brushes made with high-tech synthetic fibers perform just as well, without harming a hair on an animal’s head. Here are just some of the benefits of using a synthetic brush over one made with animal hair:

They’re easier to clean.
They repel bacteria and dirt better than animal hair does.
Many people have allergies to animal hair.
They shed less, if at all.
They work with both cream and powder makeup products.

We ought to consider the impact our makeup brushes have on the planet and animals. So, are you ready to brush up on how to make the switch to eco-friendly vegan brushes?

These brushes are great to apply your Benecos powder, blush, bronzer and eyeshadow with!

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