Recycled fish nets bracelet


  • Save the seas, wear a net!
  • Adjustable in size
  • Made of former fishing nets (HDPE)
  • Nickel-free, waterproof & stainless
  • Two-rowed, 2 x 2 mm diameter
  • Green, blue, white
  • Cleaned in an environmentally friendly way
  • Upcycled product, handmade in Germany
  • Knots and colour originate from the real net
  • Unique number & date of retrieval included
  • 10% is donated to Healthy Seas

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About the product


With the Adriatic Ocean Bracenet around your wrist, you spread the message for the protection of the oceans – because every Bracenet more means one piece of ghost net less. Save the seas, wear a recycled fish nets bracelet!

As they use the nets in their original form and colour, each collection is limited and every product is unique.

This Bracenet makes an ideal gift, as it is adjustable in size and fits around every wrist. Using the sliding knots you can individually set a size between 17 cm and 21 cm.

The oceans are drowning in a flood of plastic waste. Right now, a giant trash vortex 4.5 times the size of Germany, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, is drifting through the North Pacific. Many people have heard about this problem, but few know that 46 % of this consists of fishing nets that were lost or dumped at sea, so-called “ghost nets”. And this is only the beginning of the problem. Ghost nets drift freely through all of our oceans and pose an immense threat to countless marine animals. This is the sad reality of the underwater world, until the nets have decomposed after 600-800 years only to further contaminate oceans and marine animals with microplastics – unless we do something about it.

Bracenet is fighting the problem! Together with their partners Healthy SeasGhost Fishing and Nofir they retrieve the nets from the water. Ghost nets often get caught deep in the sea on rocks, corals and old shipwrecks. Their experienced divers are out on diving missions every weekend, often on dangerous recovery operations worldwide.

After recovery, the nets are cleaned and then turned into Bracenets by hand. So far, they have processed almost 5 tons of net into Bracenets and generated a donation value of almost €90,000 for their partner Healthy Seas. These donations will subsequently finance further diving missions to recover ghost nets.

In addition, they don’t only fight the symptoms of ghost nets but also their causes. They cooperate with communities and fishing companies in coastal regions, by directing their old nets to them and thus preventing further discarded nets from haunting the seas.

The Bracenets are more than just colourful accessories: they are a statement!

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