Recaps stickers


  • 120 aluminum stickers
  • for the reusable Nespresso cups
  • sustainable and eco-friendly

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About the product



Recaps is a small group focused on offering refillable capsules for espresso lovers. They develop and produce stainless steel nespresso cups that can be reused. Their mission is to reduce the amount of waste in the world!


Nespresso cup compatible
120 stickers




Recyclable Paper


Recaps stickers

Easily stick these Recaps stickers on the reusable coffee capsules to make your coffee with a Nespresso machine. Choose your favorite coffee, fill your capsule, close it with the aluminum sticker and you’re good to go! An ideal solution for a greener world, freedom of choice and more money in your pocket.

Thanks to these reusable Nespresso cups you can enjoy your coffee without polluting the earth! In addition, you are no longer tied to the tastes of coffee manufacturers and you are completely free to determine the preference of your coffee. You can choose with which ground coffee you fill your reusable coffee pods. And it also a lot cheaper. An ideal solution for a cleaner world, freedom of choice and more money in your pocket. Read more about it on our blog!

Use each cup multiple times. After using the reusable coffee capsules to make your cappuccino or espresso you simply clean your cup, refill it and make yourself another coffee! Because it’s made of strong stainless steel, you’ll only need one set for the rest of your life without creating any waste besides your coffee ground which you can by the way compost!

Step 1: Fill the reusable coffee pods with coffee. Press down a little, but do not pack it hard. Packing too hard, or using too fine a grind could block water from going through the capsule.
Step 2: Clean the excess coffee from the surface and close it with the sticker all around.
Step 3: Put the capsule in your Nespresso™ espresso brewer.
Step 4: Brew


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