• BPA and silicone free
  • Leakproof pop-up lid
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made from recycled coffee cups
  • One great cup made from 6 rubbish ones!
  • Circular coffee cup
  • 227ml

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About the product


rCup is a reusable coffee cup designed with practical portability in mind. This rCup will never leak. It keeps your drink warm (more than 90 minutes) or cold and you can hold it in your hands without burning it. Thanks to the push button design and the 360 ​​° lid, you can easily open the cup with one hand and take a sip while on the move. Even better – the drinking experience is great – you never have to drink your coffee through a small hole!

Every year, 500 million cups are made and thrown away. This uses 200 million trees and enough energy to power 530,000 houses. Be part of the solution.

Recycled coffee cups

There use to be no way to recycle takeaway coffee cups due to the plastic lining of the cups being pretty much impossible to separate from the paper. That is until some big brains in the UK combined their powers and found a way to sort this out and what they have made in the process is beautiful. A Short Walk, Simply Cups and Nextek created a recycled plastic polymer by cleaning, shredding and combining the whole cup, they then mixed it with a special resin and other recycled plastics. This new material can now be manufactured into a range of new products, from pencils to tables, chairs and house signs and it is what is used to make the rCUP.

The reusable coffee cup is the brainchild of former Dyson designer Dan Dicker and a team of recycling experts who set out on a mission to create the best reusable cup on the market today. The world’s first reusable coffee cup made from used paper cups – one great cup made from 6 rubbish ones!

Reusable cup? Receive money back at your coffee shop! Join the revolution in the circular economy and enjoy aromatic, hot coffee on the way without spilling!

If you also want to save waste and money on Nespresso capsules, we also have reusable pods!

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