Organic Mesh Bags


  • 100% Organic cotton
  • 3 pieces mesh bags
  • 1 bag Small: 20×25 cm
  • 1 bag Medium: 25×30 cm
  • 1 bag Large: 30×40 cm

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About the product



Ecoveganic is a company from the Netherlands. We want to inspire people to live more sustainably. Our products are concrete solutions to live a zerowaste, minimalistic, vegan, plastic free life.


Small: 20 x 25 cm
Medium: 25 x 30 cm
Large: 30 x 40 cm


Organic cotton


No packaging

Organic Mesh Bags – Cotton

These organic mesh bags are perfect for a zero waste and eco-friendly lifestyle. Ditch the plastic bags and choose organic cotton instead! These are great when you are just starting out trying to reduce your waste and single use plastic, they make sustainable living so much easier.

Made only using only 100% organic cotton these bags can be used for fruit, vegetables and they are also ideal for item protection in the washing machine.

The bags are made of organic cotton and machine washable at 30°C. Or you can use Dr. Bronner’s soap to clean them. Do not put them in the dryer, just hang them wet and let them dry themselves

About plastic

We use more than 1 million plastic bags a day that often end up in nature after use, where they pose a serious threat to animals. In the ocean, a plastic “island” floats around the size of France and Spain combined. That is why we need to switch to alternatives like these organic cotton bags in the supermarket.

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