Organic Coconut Oil

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  • 100% Organic
  • Contains a majority of medium-chain fatty acids
  • Can be heated to high temperatures
  • Use it for your DIY toothpaste, deodorant etc…
  • Kills harmful microorganisms
  • Fairtrade
  • 400ml

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About the product


Bio Planete

Bio Planète is a company from France. Since 1984, we have been turning seeds, fruits, and nuts into healthy oils of pure taste and premium organic quality.




Organic coconut oil


Glass jar

Organic Coconut Oil

This popular high-quality virgin organic coconut oil is pressed from the flesh or fully ripe organic coconuts immediately after their harvest. It is neither bleached, hydrogenated, nor deodorized. Owing to a special cold-vacuum sealing, quality and freshness are ideally preserved.

Virgin coconut oil contains a majority of medium-chain fatty acids, most prominently lauric acid. Thanks to its magnificent aroma or fresh coconuts, the oil adds a fine, exotic note to your dishes. It can be heated to high temperatures and therefore is ideal suited for frying and baking. It makes a healthy contribution to your diet.

This oil is packed in glass. This way the coconut oil remains pure in taste. Choosing an oil packaged in plastic can absorb into the oil. Furthermore, this oil is cold pressed, that is the most natural process without chemicals. You keep the taste and smell of the coconut, and also retain the vitamins it contains.

The use of coconut oil is versatile. In the kitchen you can use it to bake, roast, deep-fry, marinate, spread on your sandwich, or put through your smoothies, You can also use coconut oil as a beauty product. This can be used against hair damage, UV rays, dry or acne prone skin. You can use it in your DIY deodorant and for healthy teeth in your DIY toothpaste. Both can be stores in little glass jars to keep the oil safe. It’s also the perfect massage oil due to it’s smoothness!

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