• 100% natural
  • Scrubber, exfoliator for your skin
  • Scrubber, sponge for the dishes
  • Vegan and eco-friendly
  • No microplastics
  • approx. 12 cm

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Ecoveganic is a company from the Netherlands. We want to inspire people to live more sustainably. Our products are concrete solutions to live a zerowaste, minimalistic, vegan, plastic free life.


Approx. 12 cm




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The Loofah (Luffa aegyptiaca), also called sponge cucumber, is a herbaceous, annual climber from the cucumber family (Cucurbitaceae).

The fruits are cylindrical, 10-40 cm long and up to 8 cm wide. On the inside, the fruit consists of a net-like pattern of vascular bundles that, when ripened, becomes dry and solid in consistency.

Young, soft fruits are eaten as vegetables, just like pickles. Unripe fruits contain a high content of saponins, which have a floating effect. The fibrous mesh fabric is obtained by removing the skin of ripe fruits. For this, the fruits are soaked in water for several days to remove the flesh and seeds. The net fabric can then be used to make bath sponges (the so-called loofah sponge), filters and insoles.

The sponge cucumber comes from the tropics of the Old World and is grown in the tropics worldwide. There is also the wing cucumber (Luffa acutangula), this is a species of the same genus.

Use the sponge to exfoliate your skin and improve your blood circulation. Do not forget to maintain the sponge well, wash it and put it in a dry place so that no bacteria are formed.

Did you know that you can also use the sponge for the dishes? Scrub all food scraps away and clean everything neatly with this natural sponge.

If you prefer a double sided sponge, we also have them from Maistic!

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