Limescale remover

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  • 100% natural biodegradable cleaner
  • Intensely cleans, descales and protects the bathroom
  • Contains no parabens, preservatives or thickeners
  • Safe & effective on all materials such as stainless steel, chrome, plastic, ceramic, glaze and glass
  • Dilute 10% in luke warm water
  • 500ml

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BIOnyx is a company from the Netherlands. They use only the highest quality materials and stainless steel. Mühle safety razors are designed to last a life time and will look fantastic in your bathroom.


No parabens
No preservatives
No thickeners
500 ml




Limescale remover

Stubborn limescale accumulation? Nothing is more annoying than hard chalky deposit. Accumulation of limescale but also urinary stone can lead to all kinds of problems in (drainage) pipes, toilets and your bathroom. Lime not only causes damage, but also odor nuisance from the bacteria present. If the joints start to turn yellow, this means that scale has built up. Limescale deposits are caused by a mix of magnesium salts and calcium carbonate. Normally these dissolve in the water, but they are released on evaporation. That is also the main reason why scale deposits mainly occur in sanitary installations that use hot water. Lime likes to attach itself to surfaces such as shower enclosure, tile shower cubicle, shower head, faucet, bath, washbasin and other sanitary ware. To combat all these problems safely and effectively, there is BIOnyx Professional Limescale Remover! This extremely powerful descaler is safe for all materials used in the bathroom, such as stainless steel, chrome, plastics, ceramics, glaze and glass.

BIOnyx makes high-quality organic cleaning products without chemicals. The natural constituents dissolve dirt quickly, so that everything indoors and outdoors is clean and fresh again in no time, and the environment remains protected!

BIOnyx Professional limescale remover for faucet, bath, toilet, shower wall / head. Dilute concentrated BIOnyx Professional Limescale Remover in lukewarm / warm water (diluted 10%). Rub the surface well with a microfiber cloth and let it soak in for a while (possibly working with a brush). Wipe off with plenty of clean water.


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1 review for Limescale remover

  1. Han (verified owner)

    I bought it out of curiosity, as I wasn’t sure if it will work as well as the conventional cleaners. But it was a pleasant surprise – after mixing limescale remover with water (as advised in the description), and spilling it around the base of my tap, I left it for over an hour and then scrubbed a bit with the rough side of the sponge and it gave way pretty nicely. All limescale removed 🙂 And it was accumulating for the last 2 years…

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