Kampot Pepper


  • Fairtrade and sustainable
  • Plastic and BPA-free packed
  • Certified by Ecocert
  • Protected geographic status
  • 90gr

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Project Pepper

Project Peper is a Fairtrade company from the Netherlands. Their profit is reinvested in projects that help provide clean drinking water and education in rural Cambodia.


Certified by Ecocert
90 gr


Organic black kampot pepper


Bioplastic derived from plants, unbleached kraft paper

Kampot Pepper

Project Pepper finds it very important that the farmers who grow this beautiful pepper receive a fair and viable wage for the work they do. That is why they import the pepper themselves directly from a family company in the province of Kampot. The farmers do not work with chemical pesticides and fertilizer, which makes the work a lot safer.

In 2010, Kampot pepper was the first Cambodian product to receive a protected geographical status (GI or Geographical Indication).

The climate and the special composition of the soil provides a unique taste that is characteristic of the region. We can therefore say that Kampot pepper is the champagne or Parmigiano-Reggiano from Cambodia. Black Kampot pepper starts with the green, unripe pepper berry. This is picked and dried on mats in the sun. After a few days the pepper has turned black in color. This pepper has an intense taste. Most black peppers are spicy, but otherwise quite flat. In addition to spicy, black Kampot pepper has a spicy taste reminiscent of eucalyptus, mint and flowers. Black Kampot pepper goes with almost all dishes.

A beautiful, pure pepper also requires sustainable packaging. Project Pepper does not use plastic in the packaging, but bioplastic (from vegetable material) and unbleached paper. The ink we use is water-based, without chemical solvents. This BPA-free packaging is also easy to recycle due to its design.

Project Pepper supports a good cause. The profit goes back to Cambodia. Among other things, they support projects in the field of training and clean drinking water. See for more information and photos. Visit the website of Project Pepper to learn more.

Need a Salt and Pepper Mill? We have a dark and light version, also from Project Pepper!

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Additional information


Project Pepper


Bioplastic, Recycled materials

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