Eco Cleaning Cloth


  • 100% natural wood based viscose
  • The cloth color is white with ‘0% microplastic’ in green print (AZO-free)
  • Plastic and microplastic-free
  • Quality 110 gram/m2
  • Size 32×38 cm

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About the product



Maistic is a company from Denmark. They are fully dedicated to the development and production of plastic free inexpensive products. Alternatives that do not harm nature, oceans, our kids and ourselves!


No phthalates
No BPA Bisphenol-A, F, or S
No other harmful chemicals
No plasticisers


Organic plant residues


Recyclable paper


Eco Cleaning Cloth

Eco Cleaning Cloth, All Purpose Cloth, Viscose fiber cloth from Maistic. No polyester, microplastic free. The 20-50% polyester fibres that are usually in viscose cloths are simply replaced with more woodbased viscose.

The Maistic cloth has a slight, no scratch scrubbing effect and suitable for all everyday cleaning in kitchen, bathroom, inside and outside. Masitic recommend using your cloths many times and wash the cloths in washing machine at 60 degrees Celsius. Washing at 90 degrees Celsius and/or if tumble dried, the cloth life span be reduced.


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