Benecos Refill Palette


  • Empty palette to fill
  • Contains 8 places of 1/8
  • Choose and fill your own palette with your favorite items
  • More affordable, more freedom of choice
  • Less waste, better for the environment

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About the product


The Benecos Refill Palette is an innovative way to reduce waste and create your own 100% vegan natural make-up palette instead of ending up with colors you might not use. Each palette contain places for 1/8 pieces. Mix and match your favorite colors! Perfect for the minimalist who doesn’t like to have a million different products scattered in their make-up bag.

Let your imagination flow and fill the empty Benecos IT-Pieces Refillable Make Up Palette with the colours and products of your choice!

This is the space each products take in the refill palette that has 8/8:

Palette = 8/8
Compact powder = 4/8
Bronzer = 2/8
Blush = 2/8
Eyeshadow = 1/8

Which means you can for example fill your palette with 1x compact powder, 1 bronzer and 1x blush. Or you can put in 2x eyeshadows, 1x blush and 1x bronzer. The possibilities are endless. This way you can change it for a fresh look in summer and more warmth in winter without buying extra plastic containers. Reduce your plastic waste and enjoy the creative freedom!

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